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About us

The Circle is a society for people interested in labels hung around decanters or bottles or above wine bins to identify the contents. Such contents range from wines & spirits to sauces, medicinal products and toiletries.

Membership: Founded in 1952, the Circle continues to prosper and today has more than a hundred members with approximately 70% resident in the UK and Ireland and 30% in other countries. Many members are collectors of labels with a variety of interests and membership also includes organisations such as museums.

Interests: We aim to provide a friendly forum for these interests and to combine appreciation of labels and study of all aspects including the social and historical context. Research is also encouraged, reflected in the contents of the Journal and the publication of books. However the main emphasis is enjoyment, appreciation and friendly discourse.

Finances: The Circle is financially sound but is a not-for-profit organisation, with accounts independently audited each year. The Circle is financed largely from annual membership subscriptions and, apart from the sale of its three books and of other small items, does not engage in trading and does not buy or sell labels.

Organisation: The Circle is run by an executive committee, elected annually by members.